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Pin Bars Advanced Pin Bars Advanced Pin Bars Advanced

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This tutorial focuses on more advanced pin bar setups. It should only be read after the introductory tutorial as it continues the same themes and assumes some knowledge of pin bars. The source of this material consists of numerous posts by James16 ( at and several other members who have experimented with pin bars. This tutorial covers the following topics:

• Setting the initial stop loss – a more aggressive strategy • Entering the trade early – a more aggressive method of entering a trade based on a pin bar • What to do if you get an ‘almost pin bar’ – sometimes you will get a bar that you think is a pin bar and this section shows you how you might play it • Which pins to trade? – a short discussion on the types of pins you should be trading • Trading using multiple time frames – how you can use a longer term pin bar to set the scene for several trades on shorter time frames. • Closing remarks – some final thoughts on trading pin bars

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