The Best Trendline Methods of Alan

The Best Trendline Methods of Alan The Best Trendline Methods of Alan The Best Trendline Methods of Alan

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I am fortunate to have been involved with trading before computers completely took over technical analysis and I have read many trading books written between 1950 to 1980. There is a much greater discussion of trendline methods in thqse older books than there is in trading books of today.

My first encounter with a reference to Alan Andrews was in the 1986 book, "Technical Analysis of the Futures Markets," by John Murphy. I have been researching Alan Andrews trendline methods ever since and present my findings here. In my book, Alan Andrews will be referred to simply as Andrews. In my consulting work as a Commodity Trading Advisor (СТА) I encountered several people who attended the Andrews Action Reaction seminar. This provided me the opportunity to examine Andrews original material but more importantly, it allowed me to converse with traders who have used Andrews trendline methods for many years.

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