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New Elliott Wave Rule pdf New Elliott Wave Rule pdf New Elliott Wave Rule pdf

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First I would like to dedicate this book to my wife Sandy, who is a never ending inspiration to me. Next it is important to recognize the immense value in the original work of R.N. Elliott, as well as the dedicated and prolific Robert Prechter, Jr., and others who have worked diligently to promote Elliott's Wave Principle.

Finally it seems appropriate to give a little more recognition to that cohesive form which is at work in markets. We are constantly observing it, whether we are aware or not. That is the foundation on which all this rests... Phi – the Golden Ratio – 1.618 : 1 : .618 – Fibonacci series numbers – the internal numerical relationships that run beneath the surface of the Waves. This book will be a practical look at wave structure. We won't be going into these numerical relationships at all here. However, this book would not be here if we were not observing the results of these factors.

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